E.F.R Logistics & Distribution Center (Mandalay)
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E.F.R Logistics & Distribution Center

Your Trusted Logistics Partner in Myanmar

Why Choose us?

E.F.R is fully integrated Total Logistics Services Provider with 6 Business Units, 5 Projects and 2 Associate Units operating succssfully under the Management of EFR Group Public Co. Ltd employing over 400 employees.We provide services that is required by our customers along the supplu chain,with our team of talented,experienced professionals. We also have diversified successfully into other industries such as Trading and Logistics Infrastructure Developments.

Value-Added Facilities

General Warehouse, Bonded Warehouse, Laden Container Yard(CSF), Empty Container Yard (ICT), Custom Inspection Place ,Repair and Maintenance Area, Truck Terminal , Parking Lot

Value-Added Services

Rail Transportation, Warehousing , Truck Transportation, Full time Security Team, High Speed Internet, ICD Operation, Rail Terminal Operation, M+R Services, Cargo Distribution