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National Logistics Development Plan

National Logistics Development Plan Myanmar is interested in establishing closer economic ties with countries in GMS and beyond. E.F.R as the leading supply chain logistics service provider in Myanmar, has planned to develop the logistics infrastructure in Myanmar on a National Level to keep in Line with the potential economic developments.

Status of

Mandalay Region

Mandalay is 617 kilometers from Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar and the sates trade capital.

Mandalay is also an inland waterways city , it is also in close proximity with towns and villages where a lot of goods are produced.

There are also numerous industrial zones in the area.

Mandalay is the focal point of collection for goods produced in upper

and middle Myanmar which in turn is the major source of beans and pulses in Myanmar.

The annual output of beans and pulses in the middle and upper Myanmar is 1,439,013 metric tons and transported to China and India by way of trucks as border Trade to Yangon by road and rail as well as inland water way.

And from Yangon ports these goods are shipped to worldwide destinations by International Seaborne Trade.